Kiev,portrait féminin, Instantané urbain, Erik-H (1540) Vendu

29,5x19,7 in ~ Peinture, Acrylique


Acrylique sur papier extra fort type affiche 50/75 cm
I remember with tender emotions that from the age of four, pencil in hand, I scribbled a few portraits before later attacking the tiles of our farmhouse paving using my father's pots of paint that I was pilfering in his workshop. The admonitions received were not enough to suppress the need to express myself.

In parallel to my professional activity I have never stopped practicing my passion for painting, sometimes making paintings for my own pleasure, sometimes as orders from customers attracted by my atypical style. I had also the encouragement of participating in several exhibitions in my hometown, in Nancy, in Paris, and once in New York."

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